This is a place to express yourself on some experiences that you had that caused concern.  Contact me and send me your story and I will publish it on this page.  Understand that I may have to edit your feelings and frustrations if necessary.  I want this to be a family friendly place.

Kroger ClickList (Pickup) Stonetrace Commons Murfreesboro, TN


This store has a great employee that seems to be struggling to keep up.  Shout out to him,  but this post below is what I wrote to Kroger in an online survey I took.

“The level of service has gone down.  the employees at ClickList need help.  it looks like one person is doing all the work.  I waited 30 minutes because many items were not in stock.  The substitutions did not match up well and some things were missing altogether.  it takes time for the employee to go through this and make corrections, which puts the whole process behind.  this process is supposed to serve a customer with an easy, convenient way to come by and have groceries loaded into their vehicle.  instead, it has become time consuming and arduous because the employees have to deal with out of stock issues. the employee was nice and professional, but the employee needs to be trained in how to load groceries into vehicles.  all the heavy and breakable items were loaded in last, which means they are susceptible to falling out and/or being damaged when the hatch is opened. proper packing of groceries is important so things do not get damaged. we have soda cans that are disfigured and hard to open because they were banged around.  I think your company needs to review the program and be sure it has proper training and employee support.”



Taco Bell St. Andrews Murfreesboro, TN

I came in to the front and someone behind the desk shouted “need CS at the front!”  no one said anything to me. I was expecting a “be right with you”, “hello”, or something.  I stood there for 5 minutes until some woman lumbered down the hallway to take my order. not friendly.  seemed like I interrupted her. I want a nacho fries box for my son, and she said they didn’t have that anymore.  she gave no alternatives. I had to ask what they have. I felt like she could care less. the lids for the cups is in an awkward position that requires you to stick your fingers in there and try to dig out a lid.  completely unsanitary. the area with the straws was jam packed with straws. it is impossible to pull out a straw without having more come out. it is like they just wanted the straw bin to be full so they did not have to deal with it.  no one at this place was friendly. it was not a pleasant atmosphere at all. when I got home, the food was not warm and it was dry. this is a relatively new place in the area, and they are off to a bad start


KFC Old Fort Pkwy Murfreesboro, TN

So the other day I went through the drive thru at KFC on Old Fort Pkwy in Murfreesboro.  TN.  i was getting my son some chicken for dinner.  we waited in line for at least 20 minutes.  that was annoying enough.  we ordered our food, and we paid for it.  the guy who took our money and gave us the food was fine, but the food was not good.  i went out the KFC survey site and wrote the following:

“we sat in the drive thru for at least 20 minutes.  we ordered our food and received it shortly after. the person who filled the order was nice and said thank you and have a nice day.  he did a good job. the issue was that i asked my son to check the order, and we realized that the food we had had a leg and 2 very small pieces that looked like thighs.  i had just waited 20 minutes and paid $9.54 for this meal. i parked and went inside. i told the manager on duty that there was something wrong with my order. i pointed out the small pieces and said this meal was almost $10, and that i expected bigger pieces.  i thought we would have a chicken breast in there. she said there are dark meat and white meat versions. i told her that the order taker did not give me that option. even so, i told her to look at what was in the box and tell me if she would pay $10 for that. she was defensive, and said that is what comes in the box.  she asked if i wanted her to look to see if she could find bigger pieces, and i said “yes”. i pointed out to her that even when you look at the images of this meal, the box has big pieces of chicken in it, like it is overflowing. she said “the pictures always make it look bigger than what you actually get”. and that’s how she left it.  no apologies, just whatever. really makes me feel like a valued customer.”

This was their response.

Case Id Number: G97ZB

Fri 17th Aug 18

Dear jamie jones;

Thank you for letting us know about your experience at KFC.  We sincerely apologize that you were not satisfied with the food that you received at our restaurant and thank you for taking the time to alert us of your concerns.  We take feedback of this nature very seriously and will be addressing this with the location that you visited. It is our hope that you will give us another opportunity to provide you with both fantastic service and great food in the future.



KFC Guest Services

So, i guess everything’s cool now, right?  no offer of compensation?  no coupon?  seems like a brush off.  Thanks, KFC,

i replied to their email.  we will see if anything else happens.  i will keep you updated.

“OK. so that’s it?  no compensation, no coupon?  i don’t consider this resolved.”

Anytime Fitness – Murfreesboro, TN

I had a weird experience with this gym.  I had been going to the gym on New Salem in Murfreesboro.  I was happy with it.  The contract had expired a while back and I was going somewhere else.  My son wanted to work out, so I was trying to find a gym that we could both go to.  I wanted to be able bring my son (he is 15) with me when I come in.  I was given the option to pay for full memberships for both of us, but since I would be bringing him with me (since he does not drive), it made sense to me to just bring him along as a guest.  I was told it would be an additional cost per month, which I had no problem with.   She told me she could give me a good deal and I just would pay a bit more to bring in my son.  Then things got weird.

We would come in together and work out.  I liked the gym, all new equipment and a good selection of free weights and classes you can choose from.  No problem there, but then one of the staff members popped out of a dark office and started asking me about my son.  She wanted him to fill out paperwork because he is a minor.  Totally understandable.  He filled it out.  On another occasion, she popped out again and asked me about our membership.  I told her that I am bringing him along with me and that we had already arranged that with the owner.  At this point, I felt like this woman pops out of dark corners and bothers us with a bunch of nonsensical questions.  Just confirm it with the owner.

So on our last visit, I came in with my son and out of the shadows again this woman comes out and points out that I only buzzed in once.  I told her that is correct.  Again, she questions my membership and I told her again that I signed up to come in and bring in my son.  The owner was there at this time, and the woman said she would talk to her.  I told her that would be great, because I don’t like being questioned every time we come in there.  When I talked to the owner, she was telling me that I would have to pay $10 every time I bring in my son.  I said that is not what I signed up for, and that she should check the membership agreement.  She never did confirm what the contract said, only that I was paying for my own membership and that my son was not in the system.  I told her that he filled out paperwork that you should have on file.   I reminded her that my son was with me when I came in to sign up and we specifically discussed that I wanted to be able to bring my son in with me.  Apparently that discussion was not remembered at all.  She gave me the option to pay $10 every time he comes in, or pay for a full membership for him.  I told her that was unacceptable and I would just call the corporate office.  She told me I was being rude and that she would have her husband come talk to me, which he never did.  She came back and said she would contact corporate and let me know what they could do for me that she can’t do herself.  I said ok.  She called me the next day and gave me 3 options:  Pay full price for both me and my son, or pay $10 each time he comes in, or cancel my membership. I told her I did not feel like that was working with me at all.  It was the same deal she presented to me before, with the additional option of cancelling the contract.  So I cancelled the contract.  I felt like they could have worked out something with me if they wanted to.  I picked up my copy of the cancellation of the contract and they did not pull any more funds.  So I guess that’s that.  My advice is to be sure you verify what your membership covers and not have this kind of confusion.  I then joined Planet Fitness and I bring my son in as a guest every time we go.  It was part of the membership I signed up for.  No problems and it is less money for the membership and offers more benefits.

I actually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding this company.  this is the excerpt below;

This business seems like it wants to make it difficult for you from the start. The agent disqualified me within hours of contact.  I am looking for a rental home for my family. I have been looking and going to houses to view them with my family to see if we like the house. many companies offer a “let yourself in” option where you can go in and see the house when it is convenient for your schedule. we are getting closer to the end of our lease and expanded our search for companies that may have rental homes. a property that fit our criteria came up offered by this company. left a message to contact me. right from the start, things were difficult. the rep, Vickie Tomlinson, said they only do showings from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. I pointed out that most people are working at that time (including me and my wife). she said people make arrangements (so I guess that means I need to work around their policy). she then told me that we need to come in and talk about requirements before we look at the house. again, why would I go through all of that before looking at the home? no other company I have dealt with does that. she said they deal with hundreds of people that do that. ok, not sure what to say to that. She then tells me that she will have to check with the owner about the 2 dogs we have. I provided what type of dogs they are (mixes), weight, age, and images. she asked what they are mixed with. obviously, I do not know. I said that one of them may be mixed with a German Shepherd, but I am not sure. that is why they are mutts. She said they would need to know. So at this point, I guess she expects me to do a DNA test on the dogs? at this point it is getting ridiculous. all I wanted to do is look at the house. this was her reply to me when I told her they may be German Shepherd mixed in with one of the dogs.  This was her reply.
“Jamie,  We cannot have any German Shepherd mixes or anything that looks like it. I don’t think this will work, unfortunately. Also, we still would need to know what kind of terrier.
Thanks for your time Jamie.”
This complaint is to whomever owns this company or is a stakeholder. this is not how you run a business. Vickie just blew me off in less than an hour. I called another company and they responded in less than 5 minutes with a showing time same day. Get out of the dark ages or just help business clients. don’t treat people like this. there is too much competition out there.

My family and i were staying at Navarre Beach, FL the week of july 4th.  We had a great time. We wanted to get some shirts and maybe some souvenirs from there, and this gift shop was right down the road.  The parking was a bit sparse and i ended up creating my own parking place. It was funny because there was some guys selling pulled pork on that same piece of real estate.  Smelled good anyways.

So we went in and there was a young guy behind the counter, he was watching a soccer game from what i could tell.  Right from the start, this is not how to treat customers. This guy never said a word to us, just kept watching TV.  we walked around and looked at things for about 20 minutes. My daughter said there was another gift shop that was close by, so we left and went there.