Kroger ClickList (Pickup) Stonetrace Commons Murfreesboro, TN

This store has a great employee that seems to be struggling to keep up.  Shout out to him,  but this post below is what I wrote to Kroger in an online survey I took.

“The level of service has gone down.  the employees at ClickList need help.  it looks like one person is doing all the work.  I waited 30 minutes because many items were not in stock.  The substitutions did not match up well and some things were missing altogether.  it takes time for the employee to go through this and make corrections, which puts the whole process behind.  this process is supposed to serve a customer with an easy, convenient way to come by and have groceries loaded into their vehicle.  instead, it has become time consuming and arduous because the employees have to deal with out of stock issues. the employee was nice and professional, but the employee needs to be trained in how to load groceries into vehicles.  all the heavy and breakable items were loaded in last, which means they are susceptible to falling out and/or being damaged when the hatch is opened. proper packing of groceries is important so things do not get damaged. we have soda cans that are disfigured and hard to open because they were banged around.  I think your company needs to review the program and be sure it has proper training and employee support.”


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