This is a place where you can give a shout out to a particular place. I hope to have more of these than the cry outs, but I guess time will tell.

Lanes Trains and Automobiles Murfreesboro, TN

My wife and I went to LTA for a date night and we had lots of fun.  We played a couple of games of bowling to start and we got some beers, which were good and very reasonably priced.  We then played some pool and the atmosphere was very nice. Overall, the place has a good atmosphere and the staff were very friendly.  We were treated with courtesy and professionally. I would definitely go back again.

Elements Massage Murfreesboro, TN

My family has figured out that i like massages.  I received a gift card for a massage for my birthday in January, then again on Father’s day.  I went to get a massage at elements massage a couple of weeks ago, and it was a great experience. The front reception office is very welcoming with relaxing music and pleasant decor.  Even before you go back, you start to feel relaxed. My massage therapist came out to walk me back. Luna was my massage therapist. She was very professional and asked lots of questions to make sure she addressed any concerns or issues i was having.  She was very disciplined in how she performed the massage, like she had been giving massages for a very long time. After the massage, the therapist came in and presented me with some options for the future i appreciated that they did not try to pressure me into anything.  That makes me comfortable in going there again in the future. I will definitely go back. They also follow up with you to be sure you had a good experience. Very professional business.

Bone Fish Grill Murfreesboro, TN

My wife and I went to this restaurant for our 25th anniversary.  We always enjoy this restaurant. We were greeted promptly at the door and brought to our table.  The atmosphere in this restaurant is great. Very open and airy, with candles and low light. We were served bread right away.  Our waitress, Kate (who was excellent) came over and we ordered a starter (bang bang shrimp) which was delicious. We asked about the happy hour and she was very helpful in letting us know about the specials.  Kate was very helpful in recommending food and making recommendations. My wife and I enjoyed the meal very much. The manager came over and brought us some chocolates from Bone Fish. He said he was told it was our 25th anniversary, and that this was a gift us.  It was very thoughtful and unexpected. Everything was done perfectly at this restaurant. I would highly recommend it.

VR Lounge Murfreesboro, TN

My kids and I went to this business on my son’s birthday (he is 16 now).  I had never been to a place like this. It was awesome. I always hear about virtual reality, but this is the first time i experienced it first hand.  So you pick the game you want to play (my son and I picked a zombie/shooter game). They put you in a 3 sided cube and put your Virtual Reality gear on.  Basically a headset with with goggles and microphone/speaker. They also put some gear on each hand. The game I played had guns, so it was very cool. You can use your hands to select and choose options.  I started off in a gray world with some panels in front of you that allow you to enter information and select game options. The staff there set the games up for you. Once you are in the game, you are moving around the game by using your hand controls and moving freely in the world.  The game environment lets you know if you are getting close to a wall. I am sure the guys that work here have seen their share of people bumping against walls and/or falling. They have you sign a disclaimer before you start, so they must have foreseen that. It was definitely worth the money.  I was so involved in the game, time seemed to stand still. I would recommend it to anybody. The staff was very friendly and helpful. You are relying on them to set things up, and they do that well. It was a great experience.

Taco Bell Cason Lane Murfreesboro, TN

I live close to this location, so we go here quite often on the weekend.  I was impressed the other day because the lady who took my order confirmed the order by asking me to check the screen.  Not many fast food restaurants do that. The wait was minimal, and when i got up to the window, she was very polite and professional.  She asked if i wanted any sauces, she said thank you and have a nice day. You would think this would be the standard way to treat customers, but that is sadly not often the case.  It is nice to receive this level of service.


Camino Real Murfreesboro, TN Rideout Lane

My wife and I went here for lunch and had a great time.  Our waiter (his nickname is Ozzie) was very polite and professional.  We noticed that he was singing to himself while working and walking around.  It was nice to see someone so happy at work. The restaurant was very clean and inviting.  We were greeted promptly and seated. Ozzie came over quickly and greeted us. He was very courteous and friendly.  We received our food promptly and it looked great. Ozzie came by to check on us and it was obvious he was keeping an eye on us in case we needed something.  Nice compared to some restaurants where it seems like the waiter/waitress disappeared in the back or something. My wife asked that i flag him down if he came by because she needed water, but he was on it already.  He knew she needed water without us even asking. When we received our check, i just put my credit card there. It is going to be what it is, right? He was sure to show me the total before he ran the card. I thought that was very professional.  Overall, a great experience. Clean restaurant, professional and friendly staff, good food and prompt service. I would highly recommend.


Koji’s Express Murfreesboro, TN 3284 Franklin Road

This place is great.  I am always happy with the food i get here.  Sometimes they are closed for certain holidays and once they were closed because one of their employees passed away.  Who does that now in corporate America? I was actually impressed by that. Getting back on track, the wait there is always minimal.  I go through the drive through, and they are very friendly and polite. They verify exactly what you ordered. When i get to the pick up window, they are very professional and nice.  They always say thank you. Honestly love this place and have nothing but praise for them.


First Tennessee Murfreesboro, TN

I called First Tennessee the other day because i went to their ATM to get some money out, and i almost lost my card.  This ATM machine changed from the traditional machine where you insert your card vertically..

To inserting the card horizontally.

I will say that it was awkward putting the card in this way, but i had done it before.  But this time, though, the card went ABOVE the slot. I was freaking out. What if the card fell down behind it?  What if the card was stuck there and someone came to the ATM and retrieved it? Panic, panic, panic! I got out of my car and found a small plastic mini card i had on a key ring at some point.   I was able to lift up the card and it fell down off the top corner. I still had to move it around to get it out, but i was definitely happy that i had my card back!

When i got home, i called First Tennessee customer service and told them what happened.  I told them that this new ATM design caused a problem on the 2nd time i used it. If it happened to me, i am sure it will happen to someone else.  I would have had to call in, cancel the card, get a new card, etc. There are other people that may not have the means to do what i did. The lady who took my call was very polite and showed genuine concern.  She asked me the location and made a note in their system (i hope). She thanked me for calling in and letting them know about my concern. She thanked me for being a customer of First Tennessee. I felt First Tennessee did a good job with my concern.

Crabs on the Beach

Pensacola, FL

My family and i really enjoyed this restaurant.  Being a family of 5, a dinner meal can get very expensive.  It was worth every penny at this place. We only had to wait for a short while, and while we were waiting, there is a gift shop attached to the restaurant that is great for killing some time.  It was pretty hot that day and the gift shop was just the right thing to do. When we were seated, we had a nice booth to sit in. we could see the beach and the people outside. The atmosphere was great.  Our server, Kelly, was very attentive and checked on us frequently. The oysters we ate were delicious. It did seem to take a bit for our food to come out, but Kelly was good about informing us of what was going on and made sure we had what we needed.  The food was great. I had some grilled shrimp and it was delicious. Overall, i was very pleased with this restaurant. I would definitely go again.


Navarre, FL

This was a great gift shop!  It had so much selection. We were looking for some shirts we could buy as a reminder of our trip there to Navarre Beach.  We went to the gift shop right down the road from us (the boardwalk shop), but the guy there was watching TV and did not acknowledge us or offer any contact at all.  The prices were not good either, so we left. We went to Island Style and it is a nice shop with a nice setup. The man who checked us out at the register was friendly and talkative.  It was a great experience. I ended up buying shirts and more for the 5 people in my family. Highly recommended.


Pensacola Beach, FL

My family and i went to this restaurant for lunch.  Nice atmosphere because you can sit right by the sound and see boats out in the water.  Recommend sitting outside if the weather is good. Our server (Megan H) was very professional and answered all our questions.  I did not necessarily like the cucumber salad we discussed, but everything else was great and my family really enjoyed the fish tacos.  I would recommend this restaurant because the staff was friendly, the atmosphere was great, and the food was great. I felt like we got a great deal for our money.