Taco Bell St Andrews Murfreesboro, TN

Taco Bell St. Andrews Murfreesboro, TN

I came in to the front and someone behind the desk shouted “need CS at the front!”  no one said anything to me. I was expecting a “be right with you”, “hello”, or something.  I stood there for 5 minutes until some woman lumbered down the hallway to take my order. not friendly.  seemed like I interrupted her. I want a nacho fries box for my son, and she said they didn’t have that anymore.  she gave no alternatives. I had to ask what they have. I felt like she could care less. the lids for the cups is in an awkward position that requires you to stick your fingers in there and try to dig out a lid.  completely unsanitary. the area with the straws was jam packed with straws. it is impossible to pull out a straw without having more come out. it is like they just wanted the straw bin to be full so they did not have to deal with it.  no one at this place was friendly. it was not a pleasant atmosphere at all. when I got home, the food was not warm and it was dry. this is a relatively new place in the area, and they are off to a bad start

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